The Meaning Behind a Martial Arts Belt

Studying martial arts is an excellent way of getting in shape and keeping your mind and body healthy. It can give you peace of mind and the ability to defend yourself. Learning some self defense skills through martial arts can give a person some confidence. It really makes a difference to know that you are capable of defending yourself in certain situations. Lets talk about the classic martial arts belt. Honestly, I think that it has lost its real value these days. I began to realize this after I saw a lot of young kids with black belts. There was a time when the martial arts belt actually did have a place. Well, maybe it still does, but certainly not in the Untied States. It just doesn’t seem right to see people achieve the black belt level within a two year period. I realized that the martial arts belt doesnt mean much in most martial arts schools after I studied two martial arts in high school. It is even now possible to acquire a black belt online! Pretty much anything a person desire can be purchased on the Internet these days.

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About seven years ago, I also joined a Wing Chun school that had done away with the belt/sash system. The goal of the school was simply to teach an evolved form of Wing Chun self defense and do it as efficiently and realistically as possible. I really liked the fact that there will be no more need to worry about the clich martial arts belt. Are you currently studying a martial art? If you are, then I suggest that you really take a close look at your school. Try to determine if they are just all about cash and the martial arts belt, or if they are truly focused on teaching useful self-defense. Any kind of martial arts belt does not make you invincible. Nowadays, it might not even mean that you can properly defend yourself. The only effective way of learning how to defend yourself is through realistic training and sparring.