Short, but Effective Full Body at-home Training Routine

Sometimes there are days that you may not be able to find time to go to the gym. Here are a few routines based off bodyweight exercises that can be done at home. The only necessary piece of equipment is a doorway pullup bar or anything else you do pullups on.

Each exercise has 2 options, the first is the difficult variation and the second is an easier variation that you can use to build up to the harder variation.

1. Pullup/Chinups or Jumping Pullups/Chinups– will workout the back, biceps, forearms plus the core gets worked hard in order to stabilize the movement. If you cannot perform pullups/chinups you can jump slightly to get yourself (use no more force than necessary) to the top of the movement and lower back down slowly. Over time you will develop the necessary pulling strength to perform pullups/chinups

2. Handstand Pushups/Pushups– Handstand Pushups will work the shoulders, triceps, and upper chest. If Handstand pushup are too hard, do regular pushups.

3. Front Lever Pulls or Tucked Leg Raises-Will work the core while simultaneously working the back and arms.

4. One Leg Squats/Squats– work out the entire leg, make sure to go as low as possible, where the back of your thighs touch your calves. If trying the one legged squat, you can put your hand on a chair or door for balance if you are having trouble balancing. If you you lack the hip flexibility to do perform the one legged squat on the floor, you can stand on a bench or chair in order to get the full movement. If you are not ready to perform one legged squats, you can perform regular squats

You can set them up as a circuit that will work on your muscular and cardiovascular endurance:

Option A:

Do each exercise for 30 seconds and immediately move on to the next one. Rest 1 minute between each circuit. Repeat for 15-30 minutes-depending on how your body feels and how much time you have to exercise. The lack of rest between exercises will really push your muscular and cardiovascular endurance to the limit. If you feel like really challenging your self, cut out the rest in between circuits so you’ll be moving noon stop for the entire routine.

Option B:

Do one exercise for 30 seconds rest 15-30 seconds between each exercise, 30-60 seconds between circuits. The extra rest in this workout will allow you to perform more reps per exercise.

Strength Training option:

If you are focusing on strength, perform the hardest variation of each exercise possible performing at least 3 sets of 3-5 reps of each and taking 1-2 minutes between sets.  Do Front Lever pulls or Tucked Leg Raises at the end of the workout so that you can focus on your strength exercises. Keep the core work to as many reps you can perform in 30s-60s in order to work your core endurance and stability.

Handstand pushups– If you wish to make them harder, increase the range of motion by placing your hands on books/blocks/ pushup bars or parallettes. If you are using pushups instead, you can raise your feet my placing them on a chair or your bed.

Pullups/Chinups– You can hang off of a towel or use Fat Gripz to focus on grip strength.

You can also use variations that focus on pulling with one arm more than the other such as these:

Weaving Pullups

One Arm Assist Pullups-place one hand on the bar and the other grabs the doorway, the lower your hand the harder it will be, I am currently using these to build up my strength for a true one arm pullup/chin up.

Squats: If you have access to a weight, you can hold it as shown, if you do not have a weight, perform the one legged squat variation. If the one legged squat variation is easy for you, you can also perform it with a weight.