Anti Aging Weight Loss Tips for Women Over 50

Unfortunately, as we grow older, our metabolism becomes slower and it becomes more difficult to lose weight. Menopause and hormonal changes might affect your weight a lot. You might have tried to use the same weight loss techniques which worked for you in your 20s and 30s, but got disappointed as they are not working anymore. However, don’t give up – some simple anti aging weight loss tips for women over 50 will help to boost your metabolism!

Tip #1: Focus on your nutrition plan and boost your metabolism!

Certainly, you should start from your diet and perhaps you will need to change some eating habits. For women in their 50s, it is important to include these foods in their nutrition plan: nuts, apples, berries, low fat yogurt, soy and black beans, brown rice and olive oil. Start eating these delicious healthyВ anti aging foods now and you will see weight loss results soon! Moreover, you should follow these tips to boost your metabolism: always eat a breakfast, drink a lot of water during the day, drink a cup of black coffee a day (if you don’t have a high blood pressure), spice up your meals and drink a green tea. Bad news is that you should exclude some foods from your diet, such as: chips, cookies, fast-food and cakes.

Tip #2: Start counting the calories!

Besides adding the essential anti aging weight loss foods to your diet, it is also very important to control the amount of your daily food intake. Start tracking how manyВ calories you eat daily. How many calories you need each day in your 50s? It depends on your physical activity. If you are a physically active woman, you should consume 2000-2200 calories per day; if your physical activity level is low, you should consumeВ 1600 calories per day. If you wish to lose weight, you need to cut this amount 500 to 1000 calories per day.

Tip #3: Try to fall in love with yoga, Pilates, swimming or walking!

Undoubtedly, cutting your daily calories will contribute a lot to anti aging weight loss. However, that still might not be enough! You need to exercise as well. This can be difficult at your age, but there are some types of workout routines you need to try and fall in love with. The best physical activity types for your age are: В walking, swimming, Pilates and yoga. В Certainly, it is great if you enjoy riding a bicycle, playing tennis or badminton.