In 2000 I took up skiing and I have enjoyed the sport ever since.

My own life over the years reflects my philosophy of an active lifestyle. I have struggled on being consistent with my activity. We allow life to get in the way of doing something for ourselves. While in college, the winter of 1993-94 I let my weight get over 220 lbs. For me that was heavy.

I started Exercise Solutions in October of 2002 because I wanted to help people reach their fitness goals. I wanted to help them stick with it. Working out at Exercise Solutions isn’t just about working with weights and doing lunges. Exercise Solutions is about how can we find solutions to help you stay engaged in a active lifestyle. Exercise Solutions is about finding what motivates you and pointing you in that direction.

Safety is also a huge concern of mine. People are coming to the table with all kinds of injuries, tight and weak muscles and structural problems. A large portion of individuals starting an exercise program are 50 plus years old and 50 % will injure themselves because they don’t know how to exercise safely and effectively.


I received my Certified Personal Trainer in 2002 through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Every two years NASM requires their personal trainers to do a certain amount of CEU’s to keep their certification.

I have taken classes, courses and attended workshops on Advanced Integrated Flexibility, Self Myofacial release, Optimum Performance Training for Weight Management, Optimum Performance Training for the Senior Client, Exercise and cancer, Exercise and diabetes etc.