Mistakes New Runners Make

Running, the feel of the cool morning air brushing by your face, the struggle to breathe as you almost reach your goal can be plan satisfying. I think that’s why we all run. Just to feel that rush of energy, and the reward of pushing ourselves.

With running now of days there are millions of different things to consider. What clothes to wear, what shoes to buy, and a regiment that is right for you. Well let me tell you when I started running it was no cake walk. I wore an old pair of shoes and sweat pants and shirt with no regiment beside run till I can’t any more. I very quickly learned I was wrong. The clothes; man was I ever wrong! I wore something that constricted the air flow and did not cool me down at all. Also they became quite heavy and caused rashes from the sweat. I learned the best way to find out about the best clothes to wear is to talk to your local sporting goods store and just ask an associate or an experienced runner.

The shoes; well, let me tell you that is an adventure all by itself. If you Google running you shoes it will come back with over one hundred thousand results. And then there is jell, air, shox, and all sorts of different designs that are supposed to help in your ability to run longer and do less damage to the joints. I learned nothing really matters the same from person to person. For me personally I like sockless running shoes. But each person is different.

As for a regiment I recommend one magazine Runners World it changed my life. I learned not only new regiments for new runners but also breathing techniques and all sorts of useful things. This made me a better runner with each passing day. So enjoy the open road.